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Let's make math easy to love


Rubicon Games

We make it easy to fall in love with math.

Our games make math emotionally accessible for adult players so they can explore and grow while feeling rewarded for their efforts.


We create curiosity so that confidence and creative thinking can flourish. 

We do this by transforming stuffy knowledge into interesting experences

We are currently building a new type of math game that brings forth what has always been interestiong in numbers and opperaters and makes it accessible to everyone.

We start with math

Being human means being a tool-user. Taking something foreign to ourselves and applying it reach our goals.

One such tool is math

Math is a powerful tool of abstraction. It can make our little more than monkey brains fathom the deepest secrets of the universe. With math we can know the unknowable. With math we can withness the invisible. With math we can avoid disasters and build a better tomorrow.

Math is our best tool for taming the word we live in - only this tool seems to have never been design for humans.

We have been caught up in trying to understand math. Trying to know it, teach it, explain it, but we seem to have not ever tried to design it. We have made math speak to the brain alone as if humans were only rational, not emotional beings.

This is the cause of maths long history of inaccessibility. For most of maths history it was a philosophical play thing of the elites. In ancient Greece only the nobility had the means to spend time contemplating squaring the circle. This elitist tradition transformed from wealth and privilege to talent. In the modern era mathematicians were selected from the very top of the intellectual hierarchy. We call these people talented, intelligent, geniuses.

But maybe they just liked math? Maybe they found an emotional connection with the abstract that few people ever get to see?

We think it’s high time to democratize math, making it truly accessible by making it speak to the need of ordinary emotional human beings.

Our progress

We are in working hard to figure out how math works as entertainment.

We are currently working on our next game Heroes & Zeros a game about creativity and exploration of math. The development of heros and zeros is supported by the danish film funds game schema.

We are very exited about bringing Heroes and Zeros into the world. This game has shown some amazing results in the early prototype fase. Heros and zeros will be our first game that makes people fall in love with math. 

We have launched our pioneer game Digit Dare and with it gained a deeper understanding of how to solve the problem. 
Digit Dare is available in both Google Play and Apple App stores. Digit Dare was developed with funding from the Danish ministry of education




These are some of our partners in making math emotionally accessible

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Sybo Games

Sybo games is the company behind the mega hit Subway Surfers.
Sybo Games have invested in Rubicon Games because they see an interesting business case and a promising impact on the world.
Beyond investing Sybo Games also assist with advice, connections and gaming expertise. 


The Danish Film Institutes game schema

The danish film institutes game schemas pupose is to support danishc culture in games, learning and play.
They support the development of Heroes & Zeros.
They have the potential of heros and zeros based on criteria such as quality of product, team, potential market response and overall impact on the kultural aspects of society.


The Danish ministry of education 

The Danish ministry of education has supported the development of Digit Dare. The ministry did a thorough review of our project proposal including an in depth look at our ability to understand the demands of learners, teachers and educational framework

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