No more boring math

Using games to make people love math


Rubicon games is a game studio that acts like a startup

We know math is boring.

It is a system of rules with no story, no emotion and no meaning. If you are not naturally interested in math you are pretty much lost with nothing to motivate your interest in the system. Adults are of no help. They insist that math will matter in 10 years, so just keep on grinding.

We want to help the lost math student. The kid who feels no sense of motivation towards math. The child who can’t put in the effort because her brain rejects meaningless effort. The young adult who sees no point in learning math but desperately needs it to pass an exam. The grownup, trying to reconnect with a early love of the math challenge.

We want to turn these people into math nerds and we will do it by using games.

Our mission is to destroy boring math and replace it with an exciting desire to learn.

To change math forever by making it feel like it matters.

Our method is simple. We build math games. Games where the outcome is determined by the player’s math ability. Then we add our secret sauce and voila: motivation abounds.

Check out our first game currently in development